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Post Investment Investigation Service

Proactively Track the Investments in your Portfolio


Meet your fiduciary responsibility for risk assessment by proactively "watching" your investments using Check Fund Manager's Monitoring subscription service.

Your Ongoing Monitoring subscription will include:

Monthly Monitoring of criminal, civil, bankruptcy, judgments and liens records.

Immediate Notification of any controversial findings.

Instant Access to Full Investigative Reports. Every time we conduct a new investigation on one of your entities (individuals or companies), you will automatically be granted access to that report.

Optional: Full Investigative Updates. Our investigators will refresh the entire report during your subscription period.

Exception Alerts

Check Fund Manager's unique online monitoring portal displays color coded entries (red, yellow, or green, based on the severity of infractions) for each monitored entity. In addition, those subjects with severe infractions will generate an email notification from our investigator. Ask for more information regarding how we determine if an exception warrants a red or yellow flag and email notification.

International Coverage

Ongoing monitoring is available in the United States and the United Kingdom. The month by month research component of our monitoring service is only available on US-based entities. For a listing of the US courts ask about the ongoing coverage page.

View a demonstration of our Ongoing Monitoring system.

Learn the difference between Ongoing Monitoring and WatchList.

Please contact us to learn more about our Ongoing Monitoring service.

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