2015 Volume 2


You are considering an investment with an experienced manager. As part of your due diligence protocols, you run a background check, perhaps assuming that such a seasoned executive will emerge squeaky clean. Imagine your surprise upon receiving this report:

The manager's biography listed three university degrees, two of which checked out. However, the third university (which was the only listed ivy league institution) reported that he did not earn a degree. Further research confirmed he was awarded only a certificate for attending a seminar sponsored by the university.

This was just the first of many red flags.

Criminal and Civil Cases
We uncovered civil suits against the manager detailing complex and questionable financial dealings. Court documents outlined charges of bribery, threatening, conspiracy, witness tampering and concealing evidence. There were also cases of a personal nature, including driving while intoxicated and allegations of assault and sexual misconduct.

Financial and Personal Issues
The investigation revealed a federal bankruptcy, containing allegations against the manager in regard to fraudulent and preferential conveyances..

This individual also underwent multiple divorce filings with one of his wives, including an attempt to conceal hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets via one of his businesses. In addition, his wife obtained an order of protection against him for alleged abuse.

Even when confronted with evidence of these criminal and civil actions, the manager denied knowledge of a majority of the claims. However, we were able to obtain a mugshot and multiple personal identifiers in case details, which proved effective in silencing his pleas of innocence.


It took extraordinary sleuthing to reveal this manager's entire history, due to the fact that his name was misspelled in some of the cases.

However, because one investigator was reviewing every detail, she was able to piece together numerous disparate red flags by utilizing case numbers, dates and other factors.

People may think they will not get caught, particularly if the issues occurred decades ago, or if they take steps to cover the facts.

Most managers have clean records; however, when millions of dollars are at stake, it is worthwhile to ensure that your manager is not among those on whom we find one or more red flags.

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