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Check Fund Manager International Investigations

Due diligence needs often extend beyond US research with increasing numbers of managers and funds operating around the globe. At Check Fund Manager, we are well equipped to help you meet these needs with extensive international due diligence capabilities.

Preliminary Consultation
  • Navigating the international due diligence landscape can be complicated, as information availibility is dictated by each country's laws and customs. At CFM we will help you through the process by offering personal consultation on international inquiries.
  • Check Fund Manager will advise you on the investigative particulars of a country, including what information you can expect to obtain, what is needed to acquire that information, and any additional items of note to be aware of in each country.
  • Custom quotes and consulting are also offered for investigations that encompass multiple countries. When dealing with an individual who has lived in several countries, we will review the individual's biography and work history and present you with a series of strategic options at different price points to help you meet your coverage and economic goals.

On-site Investigators
  • Check Fund Manager utilizes credentialed investigators who are located on site in countries around the world. This allows for more comprehensive access to records, some of which require personal visits to government buildings or courthouses.
  • On-site investigators (experts on each country's laws, customs and language) provide local insight and context around what the results of records or reputation checks mean in that particular country.
  • These international investigators, relying on their networks of local sources, are often able to provide us with important information that is not yet public or that is not documented in public records. This information helps paint a broader and more complete picture of an individual and how he or she is perceived professionally and personally.

Additional Benefits of our International Reports
  • For an individual with a history of residence in the United States, a basic US investigation may also be included in our international report at no additional cost. Where applicable, verification of US-based education will also be performed. Please note that for UK investigations, US research can be added as an option.
  • Extensive international and U.S.-based watch lists are also conducted on all international investigations.
  • Prior international investigations are available at a discount of between 25-50%. You can access Check Fund Manager's database of past research and search by the name of the manager or the company. Please contact us for assistance with ordering existing international reports.

How to Order

You can view details regarding Check Fund Manager's world-wide coverage using this direct link to our International Map.

Registered clients can also use the map to view prices and place orders.

We invite you to call our International Investigations Office for more information or for quotations on custom investigations:

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