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AI Social Media Research ***Now Available***

Identify Pre-Investment Risk Flags with Social Media Background Checks

Building trust with your potential investment manager takes time, but a single misstep along the way can damage your reputation as well as theirs. Check Fund Manager streamlines the vetting process, helping you find investment managers whose social media presence aligns with your expectations.

Our AI scans social media history across the major platforms. We analyze social media content to create a report that empowers you to make informed decisions quickly. Find out if your potential investment manager's voice, online behavior, and follower demographics reflect positively on your company OR present you with a headline risk!

Leverage the power of AI and Check Fund Manager's intuitive cloud platform to receive consistent, unbiased, and efficient reports on potential investment managers. Find the right fit for your allocation decision today with Check Fund Manager.

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  • AI Social Media Background Check for Alternative Investment Allocators
  • Social Media Report for Private Equity Alternative Investments
  • AI Social Media Research for Venture Capital Alternative Investments

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