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Investor Due Diligence

Our Mission
Check Fund Manager conducts international Investor Due Diligence research for capital market lenders, fund of funds, endowments, pension plans, family offices, and the alternative investment community. We help investors gain peace of mind by providing insight regarding the people behind their investments.


Benefit of our Services
Check Fund Manager's in-depth and cost effective research identify indicators of a potential fraud to institutional investors who make decisions regarding the risk exposure of their capital.

We protect the professional reputations and fiduciary responsibility of institutional investors by minimizing their exposure to past, present, or future headline risk.

Our Business Model
Check Fund Manager's exclusive focus on alternative investments facilitates passive collaboration amongst our clientele. Though the identity of our institutional investors remains unknown to one other, each one benefits from research initiated by the other.

Why choose Check Fund Manager?

  • Check Fund Manager has researched thousands of hedge fund managers, hedge funds and private equity companies to date. This is a testament to our expertise, and also to the breadth of our data, which enables you to immediately receive critical information. We have helped many institutional investors steer clear of fund frauds and blow-ups.
  • Check Fund Manager's research content continue to grow, while the price of our research remains very reasonable.
  • With some exceptions, no manager consent is required.
  • Free WatchList whereby we will notify you if we discover new adverse findings regarding your managers as a result of more recent research.

Check Fund Manager's Research Services

United States Investor Due Diligence
Check Fund Manager's U.S. Research include biographical information along with research regarding criminal and civil suits, bankruptcies, liens, sanctions, and many other important facts.

International Investor Due Diligence
Check Fund Manager's International Research Services include preliminary consultation, detailed research, and a network of on-site investigators across the globe. Please view our International Coverage Map, which provides specifics regarding our capabilities in each country.

Ongoing Due Diligence Monitoring
Check Fund Manager's Ongoing Monitoring service re-investigates the managers in your investment pool month after month, so that you can continually be made aware of any developments that would possibly cause you to reconsider your investment.

Due Diligence Industry Leadership

Over the course of performing greater than 40,000 investigations, Check Fund Manager has developed an extraordinary track record of helping its institutional investor clients avoid allocations into investment organizations that ultimately became compromised.

Check Fund Manager is a member of several investigative and professional societies, including the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the United States Association of Professional Investigators, the Professional Background Screening Association and the World Association of Detectives.

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Our leadership team speaks at industry conferences and has been published in respected news and trade publications. A presentation entitled "Due Diligence Background Checks: How background check indicators correlate with frauds and blow-ups" was presented at the Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence Summit to illustrate our comprehensive study that was published in the The HedgeFund Journal. This research was also highlighted in a Compliance Exchange Newsletter article entitled "Using Background Checks To Prevent Fraud."

Experienced Investigative Analysts

Check Fund Manager is dedicated to providing superior Investor Due Diligence services, and our most important asset is our team of experienced Investigative Analysts. These skilled investigators have significant expertise in sourcing and researching the most detailed and relevant information, along with superior writing skills to create effective and user-friendly research. This enables institutional investors to make critical decisions regarding character-related risk factors.

Thorough Research Process

One experienced investigator will be dedicated to your research. This ensures not only the validity of the information, but also, because only one person performs the research. Check Fund Manager is able to piece together seemingly disparate records from various sources to potentially discover detrimental information.

Our Investigative Analysts are adept at taking minimal information and effectively identifying a manager, and then developing an extremely thorough investigative research by utilizing a high number of proprietary data sources and confidential contacts that we have at our disposal.

Quality and Efficiency

The success of Check Fund Manager comes from a unique combination of investigative experience and operational expertise. Check Fund Manager is the only investigative company we are aware of that considers process quality and operational efficiency among its fundamental operational principles. Our founder used the skills honed as an efficiency expert to hire the best people possible and develop the underlying technical infrastructure needed to support their efforts. We have diligently applied these principles to the investigative due diligence process.

This means that facts are checked, verified with alternative sources, and then checked again. It also provides assurance to institutional investors that the information presented is factual, timely, and extremely accurate.

Cost Effectiveness

In addition to our quality and efficiency, the volume of work that we perform helps keep our costs down, which then enables us to pass along the savings. Check Fund Manager's Investor Due Diligence Research is in such demand that we have been able to bundle pricing according to a consortium model, assuming that there will be multiple requests for research on most funds and managers. Our lower costs allow you to investigate more individuals within an organization, which our research has revealed to be critical in terms of making the most informed risk decision.

Charitable Support of Endowments and Non-Profits

Some of the profit Check Fund Manager generates is donated back to university endowments and other non-profits in the form of gratis services or charitable contributions. The most significant recipient of our support is Tufts University.


Our Due Diligence Research contains our own work product. We do not re-package or resell data. Check Fund Manager is not a Consumer Reporting Agency so the Due Diligence services offered by Check Fund Manager are not pre-employment checks and cannot be used as criteria for employment, credit or tenant screening.

Contact Phone Numbers

Check Fund Manager is a U.S. entity operating from Newington, Connecticut with an additional office in Durham, North Carolina. Our local time is

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Learn More about
Check Fund Manager's
Investor Diligence Research

Contact us to obtain a temporary access code, which will enable you to query our Quick Access™ past research.

You will also be able to read privileged information in regard to our WatchList and SEC FOIA Research programs, along with more details regarding our research services.

Client Testimonials

"...Your research alerted us to several large lawsuits.... they have been subject to at least a dozen other investigations , and ours was the only one to catch these lawsuits..."
Large University Endowment Fund

"Thank you...These [WatchList] updates are the second most valuable part of the CheckFund service, after the initial investigations themselves and the dedicated team you have there at CheckFund. Much appreciated!"
Multi-Family Office
Santa Monica, CA

"We were ready to make an investment until you showed all the reasons not to do so. Thanks. So glad we used your service. You saved us from making a costly mistake."
Fund of Funds Manager
New York, NY

"Thanks for getting all 50 requests done in less than 72 hours, great job, very comprehensive research and excellent communication. Will be glad to be a reference for you."
Capital Markets Investment Manager
Chicago, IL

"Excellent job! I will be using your service in the future, I assure you. I am very impressed with the quick, comprehensive work that you produced for me."
Fund of Funds Manager
Greenwich, CT

"Excellent research and at a cost that is half of what the competition charges. We will be using your services again."
Fund of Funds Manager
New York, NY

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